A set of cards for a lesson on AFC Aut Fitness✨
A completely ready-to-work Art Fitness set with glued velcro tapes!!
For whom: for AFC, physical therapy and physical culture coaches, sensory integration specialists, specialists in related disciplines, parents

Why: for physical education with children with ASD and other developmental disabilities, normotypic children from 3 years old

Where to use: in the gym, in the office, on the street, at home. The set is portable and convenient!

The cards are glued to special bases according to their sections, you will not get confused.

Material - 350 gr thick paper with matte lamination, durable

⁃ Rounded corners
⁃ Saturated colors
⁃ Nice to hold in your hands
⁃ Author's design and structure
⁃ Every detail is thought out for working with children with autism and other mental disorders

There are 76 positions in one set
Of these:
⁃ 60 small cards
⁃ 10 A4 sheets - basics for cards with Velcro on thematic blocks
⁃ 6 basics for scheduling

5 thematic blocks on AFC, 12 small cards in each:
⁃ lesson structure
⁃ rules of conduct
⁃ main types of movements
⁃ games
⁃ exercises with inventory

And also everything to make the cards work:
⁃ portable schedule A4 size - 1 pc
⁃ portable schedule large folding - 1 pc
⁃ scoreboard "First-then" A5 size - 1 pc
⁃ scoreboard "Exercise first - then rest" size A5 - 1 pc
⁃ scoreboard "My rules" A4 size - 1 pc
⁃ scoreboard "My requests" A4 size - 1 pc

Bonus - when buying a set of cards, a promo code for 1000 rub for AUT FITNESS courses as a gift

The set is sent in a craft package and a box.
Shipping by SDEC and Russian Post, delivery is paid by you.
We send cards all over the world!

Made with love and with your own hands for you!
3800 rub
Cards without velcro
5000 rub
Cards with velcro
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Moscow, Russia
+7 (916)-879-98-59

Moscow, Russia