Training of specialists in Tyumen December 18-22, 2020

      On December 18-22, 2020, in Tyumen, as part of the implementation of a grant project received by the TRANBO organization "Open the World to Me", Marina Viktorovna Solovyova conducted training of trainers in the direction "Methods of teaching AFC for children with ASD".
The author's course of Marina Viktorovna consisted of 40 hours: three days of lectures + a practical part with the presentation of her author's exercises and methods of working with them, and, of course, days of supervision: viewing the work of coaches and assistance in correcting and developing training plans for students of the organization.
      The students also received a mini-guide for the entire course - an updated version of the methodological materials, presented on 30 sheets.
      In this course, the diagnostics of physical fitness developed by Marina Viktorovna for children with autism "FizRAS" was presented and further applied in the work of specialists of TRANBO "Open the world to me", thus it was tested on children aged 7-14 years and showed successful results.
      40 hours of theory and practice, many goals and tasks completed successfully! The days of supervision were especially revealing: when the quality of training on the second day was significantly different from the first, the female coaches were immediately able to put the theoretical knowledge they had gained into practice, as well as the gleam in their eyes and the sense of responsibility for each of their actions could not but please.
      At the end of the course, the coaching staff of TRANBO "Open the world to me" said the main conclusion that training children with ASD is not a joke, it requires constant self-learning, high concentration of attention and a creative and deep approach to each child.
      During 2021, 5 online supervisors are held, where Marina Viktorovna analyzes the pedagogical process with the coaches, and new goals and objectives of the training plans are determined.
      We are glad to start cooperation of the project "Aut Fitness" with TRANBO "Open the world to me" and we wish you productive joint activities!