Successful Aut Fitness workshop on Adaptive physical culture in Syzran: The Path to Inclusivity and Understanding

From February 16 to 18, 2024, a seminar on the topic "Adaptive physical education for children and adults with mental disabilities: methodology, exercises, building a program" was held in the city of Syzran. The event was organized with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund of the Russian Federation and the invitation of an outstanding public figure, deputy of the Duma of Syzran, Radik Shamilevich Shafeev, head of the inclusive Tiger Theater and the project for people with disabilities "Willpower".

Results and achievements of the seminar:

1. Diagnosis and Training: following the results of three days of training and listening to a lecture and practical course, the trainers successfully conducted comprehensive classes with adults with mental disabilities, demonstrating professionalism and sensitivity.

2. Training and Understanding: The seminar participants fully assimilated the proposed methods and approaches to adaptive physical culture, as evidenced by the successful training and feedback from listeners.

3. Positive Response: The most significant result was the enthusiastic attitude towards classes on the part of children with disabilities and their parents, who expressed a desire to continue their studies.

4. Positive Feedback: The organizers of the seminar received extremely favorable feedback from the participants, which was evidence of the high quality of the work carried out.

5. Professional Recognition: The participants noted that during the three days of the seminar they gained more knowledge and skills than in many years of study at the university.

6. Scientific Cooperation: Vyacheslav Ivanovich Logunov, Professor, Candidate of Sciences, Honored Worker of Physical Culture of the Russian Federation, highly appreciated the seminar and offered opportunities for scientific cooperation.

7. Inspiration and Communication: Communication with the open and responsive audience of the seminar became a source of inspiration and new ideas for Marina Viktorovna's further work.

8. Memorable Gifts: Participants and organizers exchanged memorable gifts, which added warm emotions to the overall atmosphere of the seminar.

The seminar in Syzran became a vivid example of how, through education and public initiative, significant success can be achieved in the adaptation and integration of people with special needs. We thank Radik Shafeev and Evgenia Zemlyantseva for the invitation, the warm welcome and the excellent organization of the seminar.

Congratulations to Marina Viktorovna on the successful start of cooperation with the organization "Willpower" in Syzran and wish you further success!