Aut Fitness is now in Telegram!

      Hurray! The Aut Fitness project is now available in the Telegram app!
      Telegram has created two Aut Fitness platforms – a news channel and a chat for parents and specialists to communicate.
      Purpose of creating Telegram channels:
      You will find useful information about adaptive training for children with ASD, books and manuals, announcements of events from the world of autism, as well as be able to test your knowledge in quizzes and surveys.
      Telegram chat is designed for free communication, discussion of issues of interest to us and exchange of benefits between coaches and parents of children with ASD, the ability to analyze individual cases of children, solve any questions through group discussion, as well as help in finding teachers for children in different cities.
     Visit us using the links:
     Aut Fitness Channel -
     Aut Fitness Chat -