Shooting of Marina Viktorovna on the Youtube channel "Cube" in the program "Friend-foe" on October 5, 2022

On October 5, 2022, Marina Solovyova took part in the filming of the program "Friend-foe" for the Youtube channel "Cube". This is the first and very unusual experience that I always want to repeat.

The essence of the program is that teachers of specialized schools calculate two teachers of elite schools in the format of a mafia game. In the issue you will see which school Marina Viktorovna represented.

It was an interesting game that allowed us to talk about autism to the general public, as well as get acquainted with the activities of colleagues. During the game, an unexpected topic of attitude to specialists of correctional schools was also revealed: how such a person can/should look and behave. For details, see the issue:

The cube covers the topic of pedagogy and education in a playful way, participants have the opportunity to discuss the pressing problems of teachers of different directions in an informal setting. This is a very unusual and effective approach.

"Aut Fitness" wishes all teachers of correctional schools to remain confident in their professionalism, to be bright and free. Express yourself, be successful and continue to develop in your direction every day.

Congratulations to Marina Viktorovna on her new creative experience and wish her new shoots in interesting projects.