Marina Viktorovna's lecture at the conference from the Pro School "PRO motor correction 2.0" on February 3-5, 2023

The Pro School project invited Marina Solovyova to speak at a conference dedicated to the movement "PRO motor correction 2.0". The project produces courses and intensive courses on pediatric neuropsychology, working with children with ASD and other disorders. Marina Viktorovna takes part in the development of training materials and cooperates with specialists of this school.

The event was held on February 2-5, the most relevant topics on the topic of correction and movement from highly qualified specialists were presented. Marina Viktorovna presented her program on February 5, the topic of the speech was "AFC for children with ASD. Classes in the office". She told how to integrate physical exercises into the classes of speech therapists, speech pathologists, psychologists, etc.

The presented lecture consisted not only of theoretical materials, but also contained many practical and methodological techniques and exercises. Marina Viktorovna also shared her life hacks, which can be very useful for parents and specialists.

We thank the Pro School project for the invitation and cooperation, and we believe that joint work will lead our wards to significant results.