New Year's meeting with Aut Fitness subscribers

On December 25, 2022, Marina Viktorovna held a meeting in an informal setting for everyone who subscribed to the Aut Fitness channel and wanted to meet live. The meeting turned out great!

It was nice that both specialists and parents came. Interesting, strong, thinking, literate, sincere, loving and open. Topics for conversation did not end – from sports and correction to life situations, everyone was happy to discuss everyone's practical experience, joked and laughed a lot and, of course, ate delicious food, charged with New Year's mood and energy for the coming year.

It was very nice to see you live, to meet someone for the first time! Impressions after the meeting remained very warm, as each participant noted.

It's great that there are people with whom Marina Viktorovna looks in the same direction and who are interested in our business no less. It's a big mouthful of inspiration.

It was the beginning of something new, unusual and definitely powerful 🔥

Thank you all and see you again!

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