Marina Viktorovna's lecture for Evgenia Mironova's course "Fundamentals of Understanding Speech 2.0" on June 26, 2022

On June 26, 2022, Marina Viktorovna recorded a lecture for Evgenia Mironova's online course "Fundamentals of Speech Understanding 2.0". The platform for the course: Neurologopedic Academy "The World for us", /.

Marina Solovyova delivered an author's lecture on the topic "Practical methods of working with non-speaking children in the framework of adaptive physical culture classes".

Marina Viktorovna told why the idea of "through movement to speech" is important, how to explain the exercise to a child who does not understand speech. The students learned why AFC exercises are important for children and whether sensory integration has something in common with AFC and what physical exercises are useful to use in the classroom.

Here you can find a fragment of Marina Solovyova's speech:

From it you will learn why it is important to include AFC elements in classes, how to do it correctly and what mistakes specialists make in their work.

We thank Evgenia Mironova for her cooperation and look forward to her new projects.