Webinar at the online Institute "Defectology Prof" on April 5, 2022

Marina Solovyova held her second webinar at the online Institute of Advanced Training "Defectology Prof" on April 5, 2022 on the topic: "Formation of motor skills in a child with ASD in classes of adaptive physical culture".

This is a useful practical material that will help specialists deepen their knowledge about work. The webinar can be purchased in an entry on the Institute's platform at the link:

The webinar consisted of practical cases of working with a child from preschool age. Using real examples, Marina analyzed the construction of a program for the formation of motor skills. The webinar carries a special value, due to the fact that after familiarizing with it, specialists will be able to understand how to set goals and objectives in the development of motor skills correctly and achieve significant results within the framework of the AFC intensive in a short time.

The whole Aut Fitness team and our colleagues are looking forward to new scientific papers and practical knowledge from Marina Viktorovna.