AFC Workshop from Aut Fitness, Module 2, in Almaty on April 13-15, 2024

From April 13 to 15, 2024, Almaty successfully hosted a seminar on the topic "AFC for children with ASD: exercises, methods, training construction. Module 2", which was accompanied by a series of supervisions for the children's center "Speech Launch".

Marina Viktorovna Solovyova, an expert in the field of adaptive physical culture, head of the Aut Fitness project, acted as the leading specialist of the seminar. The seminar was attended by parents and specialists from different fields from different parts of Kazakhstan and other countries.

During the three days of the event, the following goals were achieved:
- The Second Module: a two-day practical seminar, which presented the participants with a completely new program.
- Supervision for the coach of the Speech Launch center, which includes the analysis of training with children and the development of individual training programs for each student.
- Getting to know a new audience of 50 people who actively participated in the seminar during all 16 hours of work.

Marina Viktorovna received a lot of positive feedback from the participants of the training, which inspires her to develop even more and come up with new seminar programs.

Many thanks are expressed to the organizers of the event: Malika Muratovna, Viktor and Antonina Rebish for their high professionalism and warm welcome. Thanks to their efforts, the seminar was held at the highest level, and every moment of the event was carefully organized.

We look forward to new meetings in Kazakhstan and wish success to all participants in the further application of the acquired knowledge and skills!