Intensive from "Aut Fitness" at the summer camp for children with disabilities "I swim" on June 10-16, 2022

On June 16, a wonderful camp was completed, organized by the team of hydro-rehabilitologists "I swim", with which Marina Viktorovna has been cooperating for several years.

This time we managed to work together, which the participants of both projects were happy about.

Marina Viktorovna faced the following tasks:
1. Conduct several AFC classes for children with ASD, cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome
2. Organize a group.
3. Structure the space and training.
4. Train trainers.
5. Make a training plan for 10 days.

Everything succeeded! The team of specialists coped just fine with the tasks of training on land, which was completely unusual for them. The dynamics were shown by both coaches and children. It was very nice to see that.

And also, Marina Viktorovna was very impressed by the level of organization of the city camp. The children were busy from 10 to 17, the classes included:
- swimming pool
- lunch
- walk
- drawing
- modeling
- music

We also managed to go on a hike!

The load is heavy, all the children sustained such a pace and showed good dynamics in each direction. Every student is a great pride of parents and specialists.

We thank Vladimir Yakovlev, the head coach of the "I Swim" team for the invitation, and we are glad for our long and productive cooperation. We wish you new interesting joint projects that successfully help children with developmental disabilities and their parents.