Workshop in Chechnya from Art Fitness on September 23-25, 2022

On September 23-25, 2022, a full-time course of lectures with diagnostics of children "Adaptive physical culture for children with mental disorders. Diagnostics, methodology, program construction". The event took place in the city of Grozny of the Republic of Chechnya in the AVA-center "We are together".

It was a large-scale event, the participants of which learned a lot about adaptive training of children with ASD, intellectual disability, ZPR, ADHD. The course materials included the theory, methodological and practical developments of Marina Solovieva, the founder of the Aut Fitness project. The participants conducted a joint diagnosis of children, among them were specialists of various profiles: speech pathologists, speech therapists, massage therapists, physical therapy and sensory integration specialists and, of course, parents. The training was held in a friendly and positive atmosphere.

The duration of the course is three whole days, during which time we managed to reveal the topics of psychophysiological characteristics of children with ASD, ZPR, ADHD and intellectual disability; the goals and objectives of the AFC, teaching methods, etc. The value of the training was that it contained many practical tasks, analysis of real cases and diagnostics. This allowed the participants not only to learn new information, but also to learn how to apply it in practice.

Congratulations to Marina Solovyova on the development of her scientific activity and the desired further success in her valiant work. We thank Amina for the high-class organization of the seminar, the AVA-center "We are together" for providing a platform and each participant for their involvement and keen interest in learning. Special thanks to parents for the opportunity to work with their children and their selfless parental feat.