Marina Viktorovna – certified yoga coach for children with disabilities

The head of the Aut Fitness project, Marina Viktorovna, has completed a new training and successfully upgraded her qualifications.

Now she has gained a new status - certified by the International Yoga Institute Yoga Coach for children with disabilities with the right to teach in any country of the world.

Previously, Marina Viktorovna used elements of yoga in her workouts, but what she studied herself in different sources. The course managed to systematize knowledge, learn new things and make the training of children with ASD even better.

Now Marina Viktorovna can:
- conduct full-fledged yoga workouts with new asanas, physical therapy exercises, simulators;
- to conduct yoga training with different goals and objectives, of different orientation;
- use yoga for children with disabilities of any defect complexity;
- use the method of fairy tale therapy;
- it is even more productive to develop breathing;
- use new stretching and relaxation techniques;
- officially conduct meditations.

🧘🏻‍♀️Yoga is a wonderful and effective method for correcting autism and other mental disorders. Marina Viktorovna already sees positive results in children with ASD and recommends everyone to use yoga elements in the classroom.

Congratulations to Marina Viktorovna and we wish you interesting studies in the future!