A course of lectures for the GYMKIDS network of gymnastics centers in Russia

The organizer of our project Marina Solovyova has recorded a new course "Adaptive physical education for children with mental disabilities". The training took place in the GYMKIDS network of gymnastics centers in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Krasnodar. More than 50 trainers have completed the course, now they know the specifics of working with children with ASD and will be able to use the methodological techniques described by Marina Viktorovna in their work.

The course lasts 6 hours, and during this time it will be one of the most useful hours for students. It contains useful information about ROS for children with mental disorders - no water, only specific data and a description of the author's real experience. Marina has sorted out her cases, added a lot of theoretical and practical information, and will supervise specialists during the training process. As a result, a structured and detailed work has been obtained, which will be understandable to specialists of different levels, each of them will be able to apply the knowledge gained in practice.

The Aut Fitness team expresses gratitude to Tatiana Kostenko for the invitation and hopes that joint efforts and mutually beneficial cooperation will lead to positive results for as many children with developmental disabilities as possible.