Let's sum up the results of the trip to Krasnodar!

The first day was wonderful. Marina Viktorovna visited GYMKIDS "Festival" and "Meridian" centers, studied individual and group trainings of children with mental disorders. She also met GYMKIDS trainers and specialists from correctional centers. Marina Viktorovna and the specialists sorted out the classes, conducted training and answered all the questions of the specialists. The coaches proved themselves to be engaged, thinking and progressive professionals.

Unexpectedly for Marina Viktorovna, she was pleased with a gift and said kind words. The atmosphere was just magical. Marina Viktorovna thanks everyone for this.

The first day was active, intense and easy. And ahead Marina Viktorovna was waiting for the second day at GYMKIDS "Red Square". The plan was the same - to look, analyze, ask questions, discuss, get methodological and practical recommendations and immediately implement it in the work for specialists.

This day was also very interesting, productive and interactive. It was nice to see how the coaches love their wards and strive to develop in the direction of adaptive training.

Marina Viktorovna was impressed by the beautiful GYMKIDS room with excellent equipment, spacious and bright halls, as well as comfortable spaces for parents. Everything is done at the highest level, and it's really nice to bring children here.

These two days filled Marina Viktorovna with pleasant emotions thanks to interesting conversations with each specialist. Marina Viktorovna thanks everyone for this!

The topics were sorted out during the training:

1. The structure of adaptive training and the organization of space.
2. Communication with parents.
3. The right goals in training and prevention of burnout.
4. Emotions and speech of the coach.
5. Correction of undesirable behavior.
6. Choosing safe exercises.
7. Special methods and techniques that are most effective when working with autistic children.
8. Visual support.
9. About the meaning of work in correction and about life.

Marina Viktorovna was glad to meet GYMKIDS coaches, answer their questions and see the interest and love for working with children with special needs. We thank Tatiana Kostenko for the invitation and warm welcome, as well as the entire GYMKIDS team and specialists from correctional centers.

Congratulations to the Aut Fitness project and Marina Viktorovna on a successful and productive event and we wish you new large-scale projects!