Marina Viktorovna conducted a supervision for the coaches of the GYMKIDS gymnastics center on Mozhaiskoe Highway in Moscow.

During the supervision, Marina Viktorovna and a team of trainers reviewed personal training sessions with preschool children suffering from ASD. We focused on the following aspects:

1. Optimization of the structure of classes: introduction of a new structure of classes that would best meet the needs of children with ASD, taking into account their individual characteristics.

2. Reduction of hyperactivity: strategies have been developed to teach hyperactive children to rest and control their activity during classes.

3. Correction of walking: correction of walking on socks became an important topic. We have selected exercises that best cope with this task.

4. Definition of prohibited exercises: Identified exercises that should be avoided when working with children with ASD to prevent possible negative consequences.

5. Effective communication and recommendations to parents: we have built a methodology for communicating with parents, including the principles of discussing diagnostic results and issuing recommendations.

We wish success to GYMKIDS Mozhaika and outstanding results in working with children with developmental disabilities.

If you want to conduct a supervision or discuss the specifics of training for children with ASD, write to the mail