Marina Viktorovna held a seminar on adaptive physical education for children with ASD in Shymkent

On December 9-10, a significant event in the field of adaptive physical culture took place in Shymkent, Kazakhstan - a seminar led by Marina Viktorovna on the topic "Methods of teaching AFC for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD)". The seminar brought together specialists and parents interested in this topic.

Marina Viktorovna expressed her admiration for the meeting with the audience and their active participation in the seminar. The event turned out to be really dynamic and lively. The seminar participants actively discussed cases related to children with ASD, and practiced the skills of identifying and describing psychomotor disorders, as well as developing exercises and training programs.

Each participant contributed by offering hypotheses and exercises, which, according to Marina Viktorovna, contributed to a high level of activity and interest in each topic of the seminar. Various aspects were discussed, ranging from behavior correction to AFC techniques and training construction.

The participants of the seminar, who came from different parts of Kazakhstan, noted the high level of organization and content of the event. Marina Viktorovna expressed gratitude to the organizers, in particular Aru, for the excellent organization of the seminar and the creation of a comfortable atmosphere for learning and exchange of experience.

The warm welcome in Kazakhstan also did not go unnoticed. Marina Viktorovna thanked for the hospitality and excellent culinary accompaniment, which made the participants' stay even more pleasant and memorable.

The seminar ended on a high note, with a general sense of inspiration and enrichment of knowledge. The seminar participants left with a new body of knowledge and confidence that the application of the acquired skills and techniques will allow them to work effectively with children with ASD, making a significant contribution to their development and adaptation.

In her closing speech, Marina Viktorovna expressed hope for new meetings and announced plans to hold additional seminar modules in various cities. This underlines her commitment to continue training and developing specialists in this important and relevant field.

Thus, the seminar "Methods of teaching AFC for children with ASD" in Shymkent became a significant event contributing to the development of professional knowledge and skills of specialists working with children with ASD and strengthening ties between professionals in this field.

Congratulations to the Aut Fitness project on the successful holding of a seminar on adaptive physical education for children with ASD in Shymkent and wish you further success in your activities and performances at new events!