Aut Fitness & GYMKIDS Collaboration

The beginning of cooperation between Aut Fitness and the GYMKIDS network of gymnastics centers in a new way. On July 20, 2023, Marina Viktorovna met Andrey Zharinov, the founder of the GYMKIDS network of gymnastics centers.

The Aut Fitness & GYMKIDS collaboration was before: Marina Viktorovna conducted training of trainers in person and recorded an online course specifically for specialists of the entire network.

Now, it is planned to jointly develop the direction of adaptive gymnastics for children with ASD and other mental disorders. On the part of Marina Viktorovna - supervising, training specialists, developing a block of work with parents.

Developing the direction of adaptive training for children with developmental disabilities is responsible, difficult, but Marina Viktorovna does not refuse the offer to help GYMKIDS improve the quality and productivity of coaching, and help children with mental disabilities and their families even more.

Thank you for inviting the GYMKIDS team to a new type of cooperation and we wish you productive results!