Art Fitness Seminar in Almaty, September 9-10, 2023

From September 9 to 10, 2023, Marina Viktorovna held the first full-time International seminar "Methods of teaching adaptive physical culture for children with ASD" in Almaty. This event included the following key topics:

- AFC for children with ASD: goals and objectives of correction, features of mental and motor development of children with ASD.

- How to find an individual approach to autistic children.

- Effective establishment of communication with parents.

- Work with undesirable behavior of children during adaptive training.

- Methods of adaptive training for children with ASD.

- Diagnostics and practical exercises.

- Consideration of practical video cases with children with ASD of varying defect complexity.

Summing up the results of the seminar, we can say that the event was productive. All 70 participants actively participated in the educational process for two days. The participants expressed their sincere gratitude to Marina Viktorovna for interesting lectures, an abundance of new video cases and answers to questions related to working with children. Everyone also noted the depth of the information provided, the clear structure and the rich program of the seminar.

It is important to emphasize that the participants of the seminar reported that they are ready to apply their knowledge in practice, and this is the main result of the seminar. Marina Viktorovna expressed her gratitude to all the participants for their high interest and active participation.

Special thanks to the organizer of the seminar, Malika Muratovna and her team: their professionalism and hospitality made Marina Viktorovna's stay as comfortable as possible.

Marina Viktorovna is very glad to meet new specialists and parents, as well as the beginning of cooperation with Malika Muratovna.

Congratulations to the Aut Fitness project and Marina Viktorovna on a successful and productive international event and we wish you new large-scale projects!