Interview with Marina Viktorovna about the Aut Fitness project

The year 2024 began richly for the Aut Fitness project - a film interview with Marina Viktorovna was released, which set a new vector of development and creativity for our project.

In our film interview with leading journalist Oksana Chanel, viewers will have a unique opportunity to learn about the Aut Fitness project founded by Marina Viktorovna Solovyova. This project, focused on adaptive physical education for children with autism (ASD), offers an innovative approach to physical education and social integration.

The film highlights key aspects of the Aut Fitness project, including its history, methodology, goals, and discusses how Aut Fitness helps children with ASD and their families. Viewers will be able to see what problems the project poses and what solutions it offers.

Marina Viktorovna, together with a team of professionals and experts, shares her vision and approaches to working with children with ASD, emphasizing the importance of an individual approach in the education and development of each child.

The film also touches on the topic of interaction with parents and specialists, emphasizing the importance of cooperation and support in the learning and development of children with ASD.

Thank you for participating in our film Oksana Chanel, Naila Anafina, Victoria Tyulyakova, Vasily Malyk, Victoria Vikhor, Dmitry Egorov, children with ASD and their parents for their contribution to the development and promotion of the Aut Fitness project.

Congratulations to Marina Viktorovna on filming the film and wish her new creative projects!