Marina Viktorovna's new article in the journal "Autism and developmental disorders" 2022

In November 2022, Marina Solovieva published an article in the journal "Autism and Developmental Disorders", which describes her author's technology of working with children with ASD on the AFC "Aut Fitness". The material presented in the paper will be useful for both parents and specialists to expand knowledge and find new ways to solve difficult situations.

Marina welcomes the citation of her article in scientific papers, so it can be taken as a basis or give examples from real practice.

Solovyova M.V., Davydov D.V.

"Technology of organizing adaptive physical education classes for children with ASD "Out Fitness""

Autism and developmental disorders

2022. Volume 20. No. 4. pp. 17-2

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You can read the full issue here:

Congratulations to Marina Viktorovna on her fruitful work and look forward to new, no less useful works.