Congratulations to Marina Viktorovna on the Successful Defense of Her PhD Thesis

On this significant day, we are sincerely glad to congratulate our esteemed supervisor, Marina Viktorovna Solovyova, on the successful defense of her PhD thesis. This is a significant event not only in her scientific career, but also for the entire Aut Fitness team, as it underlines our leader's commitment to continuous development and self-improvement.

Marina Viktorovna, being an inspiring example for each of us, demonstrated not only deep knowledge in her field, but also incredible diligence and dedication in achieving her scientific goals. Her work on the topic of physical education of children with ASD is an important contribution to the development of science in the Russian Federation and other countries studying the problems of correction and development of children with autism spectrum disorders.

At Aut Fitness, we are proud that our supervisor is a person with such a high level of professionalism and scientific potential. We are confident that the knowledge and experience gained by Marina Viktorovna will contribute to the further development of our project and will make a significant contribution to ensuring high quality services for our clients.

We wish Marina Viktorovna new creative successes, scientific discoveries and professional growth. Let this significant step be just the beginning of a new stage in her brilliant career.

With respect and best wishes, the Aut Fitness Team