Completion of the course "Online internship in adaptive physical culture Aut Fitness"

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of the course "Online internship in adaptive physical education", which not only achieved, but also exceeded all our expectations. The program, carefully developed by Marina Viktorovna Solovyova, the head of the Aut Fitness project, and aimed at achieving specific educational goals, has fully justified itself, demonstrating 100% effectiveness.

Overview of the course program

The course was rich and multifaceted, where participants were offered the following key components:

- View a training session
- Detailed training summary
- Testing on completed topics
- Bonus lecture from Marina Viktorovna
- Methodical manual "140 exercises for adaptive physical education"
- Recording a webinar with answers to participants' questions
- Communication and exchange of materials in a specialized chat in Telegram
- Issuance of certificates of completion of the course

Feedback from participants and next steps

The feedback from the participants of the course turned out to be extremely positive, confirming the effectiveness and relevance of this kind of training in the field of adaptive physical culture. Given the success of the first stream, we decided to continue offering this course further, providing an opportunity for everyone to study.

We invite you to participate

Anyone interested in gaining knowledge and developing skills in the field of adaptive physical education can join our next stream. The course program guarantees not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills that can be applied in professional activities.

We are proud that our course has a real impact on the education of specialists in the field of adaptive physical education and creates a strong community of professionals ready for new challenges and achievements.

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