Marina Viktorovna's lecture at the 11th Convention of Specialists in Infant Swimming and Hydro-rehabilitation on December 1-3, 2023

Marina Viktorovna, the author and head of the Aut Fitness project, spoke at the 11th Convention of Specialists in Infant Swimming and Hydro-rehabilitation, held from December 1 to December 3 in Moscow.

Within the framework of the convention, Marina Viktorovna gave a lecture "Voles behavior in children with ASD. Methods of correction on land and in water", where she shared her experience and practical techniques for working with children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) with field behavior. She talked about correction techniques on land and in water, explained the reasons for this behavior and offered effective exercises to help the coach establish contact with children and follow instructions.

Marina Viktorovna noted the following key points of the convention:

1. Impression of the hydro community: She expressed admiration for the community of professionals united by common goals and a desire to develop.

2. Interesting reports: I attended a number of reports covering various aspects of hydro-rehabilitation, from training techniques to effective approaches to working with children.

3. Her contribution: Her lecture on the field behavior of children with ASD and correction methods elicited positive feedback from the audience.

4. The scope of the event: More than 100 participants present throughout the three days stressed the importance and relevance of the issues discussed.

5. Meetings with colleagues: Meetings with colleagues, many of whom became friends at previous conferences, as well as the opportunity to make new acquaintances, were of particular importance to her.

Marina Viktorovna expressed gratitude for the opportunity to participate in such a significant event and stressed her joy that her professional path is connected with hydro-rehabilitation. She shared her inspiration from new acquaintances and her desire to attend similar scientific and practical events in the future.

Congratulations to Marina Viktorovna on the successful holding of the 11th Convention of Specialists in Infant Swimming and hydro-rehabilitation! We wish you further success in your activities and performances at new events!