Aut Fitness - 4 years!

We are glad that over the years we have helped many children and parents, made their lives easier and more interesting. Congratulations to Marina Solovyova and everyone involved in this project that their work brings fruitful results. The project is becoming more popular every year, a good vector of development opens up before us, which we will adamantly follow.

Aut Fitness now, it's:

- there are more than 600 children with autism and other severe mental disorders in practice
- more than 5000 hours of diagnostics, training and consultations
- more than 400 hours of lectures and seminars
- PhD thesis on the topic of physical education of children with ASD

Over the years of its existence, Aut Fitness has only become more useful, filled with new knowledge and techniques. Marina Solovyova during this time has done a lot of work on the development of her project and its introduction to the masses, has developed and continues to develop its scientific side and has held many field seminars and lectures that gave useful knowledge to parents of children with ASD and coaches. We have found like-minded people, concluded mutually beneficial cooperation with specialists in our field. The plans for the future are to develop at an active pace, to look for new useful techniques and exercises and, of course, to help children with ASD and their parents.