AFC Affirmations from Art Fitness

A new section "Affirmations for AFC coaches" has appeared on our website. This is a unique material designed specifically for AFC coaches, there has never been such a thing anywhere else.

There is no doubt that the whole process of work depends on the mood and self-perception of the coach. Only positive emotions and goodwill will lead the pupils to a positive result. There is no place for negativity and tension in this work. But coaches are also people, they are also characterized by feelings and moral fatigue.

Marina Solovieva has developed special affirmations for AFC coaches especially for these cases. They will help to reset, clear your mind of negative thoughts and start working with a calm mind.

Believe me, it is enough to say one sentence a day with a positive attitude, and the state will change. This life hack works to believe, you need to make sure in practice.

Now all the affirmations are collected in one place. Come in, save it for yourself and use it when necessary:

Affirmation (from Latin affirmatio — affirmation, confirmation) is an affirmative (positive) judgment. In popular psychology, an affirmation is a positive statement, a short phrase of self—suggestion that creates the right psychological mood.

How to use - choose one or more (in the future) affirmations for the day, in the morning before work, allocate a minute of silence. Concentrate on breathing, take a deep breath-exhale, remove all thoughts from your head and heartily read the sentence. You can do it several times.

Feel the harmony with the words you have spoken, connect with them mentally.

After that, go to your usual job, but your inner state will have a completely different shade. Affirmations will work if you perform them daily for a week or more.

It's like working with children: continuity = strength. Marina plans to share her affirmations regularly on her social networks and in the section of our website.

Do not miss new positive statements from Marina Viktorovna and do not forget to tell about your impressions and results.