Intensive course in Saratov, June 25 - July 2, 2021

      At the invitation of the correctional and developmental center for children with developmental disabilities "Harlequin" in Saratov, the author and head of the project "Aut Fitness", Solovyova Marina Viktorovna, conducted a practical intensive for children with mental disorders.
For the Harlequin Center, this was the first course in the direction of adaptive physical culture, which was completed successfully.
      For eight days, from June 25 to July 2, 2021, Marina Viktorovna trained children with autism spectrum disorders, intellectual disability, ADHD, mental retardation, conducted daily counseling for families participating in the course.
      The course objectives were successfully completed:
      1. Conducting diagnostics of children.
      2. Preparation of training programs and determination of tasks in the zones of the nearest development for 7 days.
     3. Discussion of programs with parents, detailed counseling of each family.
     4. Drawing up directions of correctional routes.
     5. Preparation of homework and their further control in online mode.
      Intensive turned out to be as productive as possible due to the great involvement of parents in the training process and their following the recommendations of Marina Viktorovna. Each child has developed in the direction that is necessary for him individually. In a short time it turned out to form the necessary motor skills for the guys. The positive dynamics of the results turned out for every little athlete.
      We express our great gratitude to the organizers of the course, the heads of the children's correctional and developmental center "Harlequin" in Saratov, Victoria Tyulyakova and Anna Rudova for the warm welcome and excellent organization of the intensive!
See you soon! 