A new location for Aut Fitness training

The Aut Fitness project, which has long established itself as an effective method of supporting children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), is entering a new phase of its development. This stage became possible thanks to the beginning of Marina Viktorovna's work in a new location, which opens up additional horizons for the realization of her professional potential as a coach.

Since November 1, 2023, within the framework of the Aut Fitness project, training sessions with a new composition of participants have been successfully launched in a new location. The initial diagnosis carried out by Marina Viktorovna showed excellent results, which confirms the high level of her qualifications and a personal approach to each child. The new set covered children aged 3 to 21 years, foreshadowing the beginning of an exciting path in their training process.

During her training, Marina Viktorovna uses an integrated approach to correcting the physical development of children with ASD and includes the most effective methods of working with autistic children: sensorimotor correction, classical adaptive physical culture, cerebellar stimulation and others. Different methods of physical education of children with ASD are combined and make up a rich and interesting program, which is built individually for the level of development of each child.

And, most importantly, at each lesson there is a comfortable pedagogical process for an autistic child, with a careful and special approach to each little athlete.

Aut Fitness is expanding its presence in the capital, opening a new direction at the address: Moscow, VAO, Veshnyakovskaya str., house 12Bs1.
This location will become a new home for the training programs of Marina Viktorovna and her wards.

For more information about Aut Fitness classes and the possibility of signing up for training, interested persons can contact the specified contact number: 89168799859

We sincerely congratulate Marina Viktorovna on the beginning of a new chapter in her professional career and are confident that her experience and dedication will bring invaluable benefits to the Aut Fitness project.

We wish her inspiration, new achievements and success in her work, as well as further expansion and development of her initiatives!