Graduation of the 4th " A " class in the FRC MGPPU

      On May 27, the Federal Resource Center for the Organization of Comprehensive Support for Children with ASD (FRC MGPPU) hosted the graduation of the 4th "A" class, where Solovyova Marina Viktorovna was a physical education teacher for 4 years.
      The graduation was wonderful: congratulations, poems, dances, songs, tears, the last bell, the launch of balloons! The children and their parents, the teaching staff of the FRC performed creative performances that were very heartfelt and touching! The children received memorable sports awards from Marina Viktorovna – personal medals and certificates for sports achievements.
      Congratulations to the class teacher of class 4 "A" Chistyakova Lyudmila Andreevna, graduates and their parents, and we wish you a bright path, interesting training, competent teachers and an active sports life in the new schools!

      A small graduation film about the sports life of the children can be viewed here: