A set of AFC cards from Art Fitness

A new branded product from Aut Fitness has been developed - ROS lesson cards that will be useful for parents and specialists, and you can study them anywhere: on the street, at home or in the gym.

The cards are designed specifically to make complex information easy and understandable, and it was convenient to use them. This is a fully ready-to-use Aut Fitness kit with glued Velcro tapes.

The cards are glued to special bases according to their sections, so it is very easy to navigate through them.

You can buy cards by following the link:

Material - thick matte paper 350 gr with matte lamination:
⁃ Rounded corners,
⁃ Saturated colors,
⁃ Nice to hold in your hands,
⁃ Author's design and structure,

Every detail is thought out to work with children with autism and other mental disorders.
There are 76 positions in one set

Of these:
⁃ 60 small cards
⁃ 10 A4 sheets - basics for cards with Velcro on thematic blocks
⁃ 6 basics for scheduling

5 thematic blocks of AFC, 12 small cards in each:
⁃ lesson structure
⁃ rules of conduct
⁃ main types of movements
⁃ games
⁃ exercises with inventory

And also everything to make the cards work:
⁃ portable schedule A4 size - 1 pc
⁃ portable schedule large folding - 1 pc
⁃ scoreboard "First-then" A5 size - 1 pc
⁃ scoreboard "Exercise first - then rest" size A5 - 1 pc
⁃ scoreboard "My rules" A4 size - 1 pc
⁃ scoreboard "My requests" A4 size - 1 pc

Bonus - each set contains a gift from Aut Fitness. The set is sent in a craft package. The circulation is limited, there are no plans to re-release in the near future, so the number of free sets is rapidly decreasing. The cards will be a great gift for March 8 or just for no reason.