Seminar in Krasnodar, August 7-8, 2021

      In Krasnodar, at the invitation of the coordinator of the direction of inclusive education RO VORDI KK, neurologist Moschenko Kristina Borisovna, the author and leader of the Aut Fitness project Marina Solovieva spent two productive working days - August 7-8, 2021.
      The departure program turned out to be rich:
1. Day of consultations for children and parents (diagnostics of children, determination of a correction route, drawing up practical recommendations).
2. Theoretical and practical seminar for specialists "Correction of movement disorders in children with ASD, PDD, ADHD in theory and practice."
      At the consultations, parents received answers to their questions, Marina Viktorovna diagnosed motor skills for each child, gave homework to families and helped in determining the directions of a correctional route for children.
      The seminar was held in the gymnastic center "GYMKIDS" and lasted 8 hours, its program was full of:
1. Theoretical analysis of the psychophysical characteristics of children with mental disorders.
2. Methodical recommendations for the organization of group studies on ROS.
3. Practice - analysis of prohibited exercises, presentation of author's exercises for the development of the basic motor qualities of children with disabilities, as well as sets of exercises for the correction of flat-valgus flat feet.
      It was nice to see interested parents and specialists, their desire to gain new knowledge and expand their views on approaches to training in adaptive physical culture for children with mental disabilities.
      Feedback on the consultation and seminar can be found here:
      We express our deep gratitude to the organizers of the two-day trip to Krasnodar, Moschenko Kristina Borisovna and Kostenko Tatyana for the excellent conduct of the day of consultations and the seminar and the warm welcome of Marina Viktorovna!
      We are glad to cooperate and look forward to further continuation!

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