Marina Viktorovna's participation in the research school of the FRC MGPPU

On February 10, a scientific and practical school for specialists implementing programs to help children with ASD began its work. The school is conducted by the Scientific Laboratory of the Federal Resource Center for the Organization of Comprehensive support for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders MSPPU.

The main topics that were covered in the learning process:
· The problem of evidence in the field of assistance to people with ASD;
· Methods with proven effectiveness;
· Principles of describing practices in an evidence-based manner;
· Criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of practices;
· Principles of organization of efficiency studies, classical research designs.
· Specific problems of RAS – diagnostic methods and evaluation of the dynamics of indicators.

Marina Solovyova, the organizer of the project, took part in a scientific project describing her AFC technology for children with ASD "Aut Fitness". Marina Viktorovna is engaged in scientific activities and takes a direct part in the work of the FRC MGPPU, her author's technology "Aut Fitness" is actively used by specialists of the school.

Case presentation:

timecode- 2.13 "Aut Fitness: adaptive physical education for children with ASD".

Marina Viktorovna continues to describe her technologies of working with children with ASD in the classes of AFC "Aut Fitness". Our project is actively developing in all directions: practical, methodological, scientific. Thanks to Marina Viktorovna for her efforts and the fact that she continues to look for new ways to improve the condition of children and their quality of life. Here the expression "The end justifies the means" fits perfectly.