The conclusion of a national inclusive agreement with the community "Is open to everyone. Inclusive Business Community"

The Aut Fitness project is pleased to announce the conclusion of a national inclusive agreement with the community "Open to All. Inclusive Business Community", a member of the Association of Strategic Initiatives (ASI).

Goals and objectives of this project:

1. Identification, description and promotion of successful inclusive business practices aimed at providing access to goods, services and services for people with disabilities.

2. Creation of methodological support for enterprises that seek to introduce inclusive practices (educational programs that prepare staff to work with people with disabilities).

3. Formation of an inclusive business community and creation of an online map of inclusive enterprises.

We are confident that our entry into this community will contribute to the development of inclusive practices in the Russian Federation.
We are ready to expand our geography and provide assistance to even more children with autism, mental disorders, their families and specialists.

Aut Fitness National Inclusive Contract:

Participation of Aut Fitness in the ASI program "Open for All" will allow our project to participate in inclusive networking, build new communications with partners, share experiences and work together to create a more open and accessible world for people with disabilities.

Learn more about the Open to All project: